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A comprehensive study conducted by TIP Strategies highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of Blaine County's economic makeup and provided us with a thorough assessment and a road map of how to:

  • Ensure economic sustainability by fostering varied employment options, higher wages, and balancing growth and the environment
  • Provide responsible and creative development opportunities
  • Reflect the values of the citizens of Blaine County

All five municipalities, the County and numerous private entities invested over $150,000 to prepare a detailed 10-year economic development strategy. In the fall of 2009, this study was issued as the GoBlaine Strategy which proposed a template and a process for improving the Sun Valley Region's economy. This GoBlaine Strategy Document resulted in the creation of SustainBlaine Inc. in early 2010.

Our focus over the past several years has been to (1) understand and benchmark the drivers of our regional economy; (2) to identify, analyze and advocate critical business and policy matters; and (3) to explore and advance collaborative and innovative projects. In March 2014, SustainBlaine changed its identity to Sun Valley Economic Development and, in addition to the above three strategic priorities, is now expanding to take on more traditional economic development activities such as business attraction, expansion and retention. 

Funding for the original GoBlaine Strategy was generously provided by:

A coalition of agricultural interests Idaho Department of Commerce
A coalition of property developers Idaho Moutain Express
ARCH Housing Trust Mountain Rides
Blaine County Power Engineers
Citizens for Smart Growth Sawtooth Board of Realtors
City of Bellevue St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center
City of Carey Sun Valley Company
City of Hailey Sun Valley/Ketchum Chamber of Commerce
City of Ketchum Warm Springs Ranch Resort
City of Sun Valley Webb Landscaping
First Bank of Idaho Will Miller Consulting LLC
Friedman Airport Authority Wood River Economic Partnership
Haavik Consulting Wood River Land Trust

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