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The concept of developing a Local Investment Program started taking shape at the 2013 SVED Economic Summit with a keynote address by Michael Shuman, author of Local Dollars, Local Sense. As Michael pointed out, while most investment dollars still flow to Wall Street and to major high-tech regions, there is a growing movement around the country to “invest locally.”

After Michael’s visit, SVED started putting into place elements of a local venture development, mentoring and investment ecosystem, starting with development of the Ketchum Innovation Center and the Mentors and Advisors Program.

With the development of the Local Investment Program, we believe that we have created the third tool to attract entrepreneurs and businesses to relocate to the Sun Valley Region.

Sun Valley Economic Development is working with the Boise Angel Alliance, which is closing their third fund, to leverage their processes and procedures as we launch a local pooled-capital fund. We are in the process of identifying homeowners in the Sun Valley region who would be interested in shifting a portion of their investment portfolios from Wall Street to Main Street. While this will certainly include a number of local accredited investors, we are also examining opportunities for smaller unaccredited investors to pool capital to make structured loans to local businesses.

Prospective investors interested in supporting local companies should contact Sun Valley Economic Development or a member of the SVED Local Investment Committee to learn more.

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