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SVED Adds Four new Board Members, Increasing Private Sector Representation.

As the current and proposed projects and services aimed at promoting economic vitality continue to grow and expand, the Board of Directors of Sun Valley Economic Development voted to broaden its private sector representation.  In month of 201x, the Board voted to expand from 9 private sector representatives to 13 and subsequently, the nominating committee conducted an open call for applicants.  “We were pleased at the depth of talent and level of interest from all the applicants.” Steve Mills, Board Chair expressed the desire to engage interested individuals in the org

Update on Mentors and Advisors Program

Since launching in late March, there has been strong interest in Sun Valley Economic Development’s Mentors and Advisors Program (MAP), which matches seasoned mentors/advisors to entrepreneurs and businesses in the Sun Valley Region.  As of today, there are 19 companies that have been enrolled and 40 mentors who are participating. 

Summer Trail Use Survey Results

During the summer of 2012, the Blaine County Recreation District, SustainBlaine and over 10 other community organizations participated in a collaborative effort to determine the total trail “user days” for the Sun Valley region. Using a combination of trail tracking technologies, volunteer observers and interviews, over 1 million data points were collected between April and November.  The survey area extended from Galena Pass in the north to the Croy Canyon trail system in the south and covered more than 70 distinct trails and paths.

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